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Interviews with Michel Pétiard (11 parts)
8 May 2019
Sex | Spiritualities | Shamanism & Energies of Life (4 parts)
10 November 2018
Video interview between the painter Jean-Pierre Sergent and the journalist Jean-Luc Gantner.
Impromptu interviews (3 parts)
27 September 2018
The artist is talking with his friend Philosopher Marie-Madeleine Varet about his new works on paper “Shakti-Yoni: Ecstatic Cosmic Dances” series.
Interview with Rose Sun (Australia)
24 July 2018 | Duration : 4:01 | Besançon Studio | France

Jean-Pierre Sergent discusses his work and his new series of small works on paper with Rose Sun (from Australia), in front of the large mural installation presented in the artist's studio. Rose will now represent her work in Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. Rose Sun, Opulence Estates Pty Ltd.

Interview of Jean-Pierre Sergent for the newspaper Diversions
9 January 2018 | Duration : 2:21 | Besançon Studio | France
Video only available in French without subtitles

Diversions Magazine met Jean-Pierre Sergent in his artist studio in Besançon on January 9, 2018. He presents his work, and we can currently see some of his pieces at Arbois at an exhibition Franco-Chinese collective.

Endless Discussions In The Studio (8 parts)
3 November 2017
The painter Jean-Pierre Sergent talks with the philosopher Marie-Madeleine Varet about his work.
Interviews with Mélanie Abot (3 parts)
13 October 2017
Jean-Pierre Sergent & Mélanie Abot (Director of Pépinière Culturelle Association of Besançon), are talking about women sexuality and pleasure as well as their bodies representations into Sergent's works and throughout Human history. Filmed par Christine Chatelet.
Digressions Into The Studio with Marie-Madeleine Varet (8 parts)
6 October 2016
The artist talks about his artworks with his philosopher friend's Marie-Madeleine Varet. Filmed by Lionel Georges. they are engaging conversations about concepts of beauty, the Art and spiritual developpement...
Interview with Marie-Madeleine Varet
19 October 2016 | Duration : 14:34 | Besançon Studio | France
Video only available in French without subtitles

The artist discusses her work with her philosopher friend Marie-Madeleine Varet at the microphone of Hector Lagos Club of Optimists. They talk about their meeting and evoke the reading perspectives that the public can develop to better appreciate the work of the artist.

Extract of a Thierry Savatier Conference
3 October 2015 | Duration : 3:03 | La Ralentie Gallery | Paris | France
Video only available in French without subtitles

Small extract of a Thierry Savatier conference: Le Fragment en Peinture, where he talks about Jean-Pierre Sergent's work.

Interviews with Lionel Georges (4 parts)
21 September 2015
The artist is exchanging with movie maker Lionel Georges, in his Besançon studio's about his painting and silkscreening working process and his numerous philosophical influences: Hinduism, Zen buddhism, pre-Columbian cultures etc...
Interviews with Thierry Savavier (4 parts)
6 June 2014
Thierry Savatier an art historian, specialist of Gustave Courbet's works & Jean-Pierre Sergent have been talking about his work exhibited at the show: Le désir, la matrice, la grotte et le lotus blanc, at the Caveau des Arts Gallery in Ornans, France...
4 April 2013 | Duration : 53:04 | Omnibus Gallery | Besançon | France
Video only available in French without subtitles

TRANSGRESSIONS? : A 53 mm documentary film, Jean-Pierre the artist exchange with Marie-Madeleine Varet-Pietri, the philosopher about the idea of transgression in art. Specially about the art works exhibited during the show Sex & Rituals at the Omnibus Gallery in Besançon, France, in March-April 2013.

Interview with Pascal Bertrand
1 December 2012 | Duration : 18:11 | Besançon Studio | France
Video only available in French without subtitles

Jean-Pierre the artist exchange with Pascal Bertrand the director of the Omnibus Gallery, Besançon, France, about the themes of the Large Papers exhibited at the show Sex & Rituals in the Gallery, in March-April 2013.

The painter and the art historian
13 May 2012 | Duration : 40:17 | Courbet Farm | Flagey | France
Video only available in French without subtitles

A 40 mm documentary film recorded on May 13th 2012, at the Courbet Farm, by Lionel George for the Conseil général du Doubs.  Thierry Savatier a specialist of Gustave Courbet's work & Jean-Pierre Sergent have been talking about his influences in his monumental wall installation for rhe show Nature, cultures, the worlds origin's.
They also discussed about the obvious and more intimates connections between Jean-Pierre's and Courbet's works: specially the monumental sizes of their paintings and the similar constant uses of the themes of Nature and of the eroticized women bodies largely represented in both of their art works.

View Thierry Savatier's Conference about the Origine du monde Courbet painting + the exchanges of questions-answers with the public.

Thierry Savatier is an art historian specialist of the XIX century and writer of : L'origine du monde : Histoire d'un tableau de Gustave Courbet. He is editor of the art blog in the famous French newspaper Le Monde : « Les Mauvaises fréquentations » .
His conferences have been held at the folowing places: Les Tribulations de L'Origine (Université d'Amiens), L'Ori-gyne du monde, image ob-scène ? (New York University, Ecole normale supérieure de la rue d'Ulm), La Scène érotique chez Gustave Courbet (Université de Rennes), L'Origine du monde (Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Fondation Beyeler, Musée de Thouars), Le Dictionnaire de cuisine d'Alexandre Dumas (Musée de Thouars), Le Non-dit dans le cinéma de Nadine Labaki (Université Saint-Joseph, Beyrouth). Thierry Savatier had also written the preface to Sergent's exhibition catalogue "Nature, cultures, l'origine des mondes".

The Painter And The Philosopher (2 parts)
17 March 2012
Laurent Devèze, director of the Superior Institute of Fine Arts of Besançon, Interviewed Jean-Pierre Sergent about his wall installation for the show Nature, cultures, the worlds origin's...
Interview with Laurent Devèze
16 December 2011 | Duration : 34:26 | Superior Institute of Fine Arts | Besançon | France
Video only available in French without subtitles

Laurent Devèze Interviewed Jean-Pierre Sergent about his artistic path from his childhood to his Montreal and New York's years and his present living in France. Laurent Devèze is an internationally well known art aficionado who loves new contemporary art creation scenes. He was a french cultural attaché for numerous years in Moscow, Yoanesbourtg, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. Nowadays he is directing the prestigious art School in Besançon, France, were J-P Sergent studied from 1980 to 1981.

A documentary film, recorded on December 16th 2011, by Didier Barthod-Malat at the Superior Institute of Fine Arts, Besançon, France.

Documentary film by Jean-Luc Gantner
1 January 2009 | Duration : 16:58 | Besançon Studio | France
Video only available in French without subtitles


A 13 mm video, Jean-Luc Gantner Interviewed Jean-Pierre Sergent about his artistic skills, cultural influences and readings, filmed at this besançon studio location in 2008.
Jean-Luc Gantner is a journalist and movie maker, he realised severals documentaries for french nationals TV : sur Les nouveaux mondes / France 2 ; Envoyé spécial / France 2 ; Metropolis / Arte ; Thema / Arte ; Le magazine du sénat / France 3. He is working today as a journalist reporter for the national French TV France 3. He is also editing of a really interesting cultural blog : LE JOURNAL DE NÉON

Sunstroke and Other Symbolic Powers
1 December 2008 | Duration : 15:46 | Iles Basses Hall | Ornans | France
Video only available in French without subtitles


Documentary film by Jean-Luc GANTNER, 2008
A 13 mm video, Jean-Luc Gantner followed the steps of Jean-Pierre Sergent during his 2008 artistics events.
- 06/28, Open Studio in Besançon, France.
- 07/21, Silkscreen printing work in the studio.
- 09/15, View and interview at the show "Mayan Diary 24", city of Ornans, France
- 11/7, making of "Gribouillis, Bondage, & Géométrie Sacrée" silkscreen on plexiglas 5'x10', at Mignotgraphie factory, coproduce with the gallery du Pavé dans la Mare, Besançon.

TOR TV Interview
3 December 2010 | Duration : 13:45 | Artamazone Gallery | Bevaix (Neuchâtel) | Switzerland
Video only available in French without subtitles

Jean-Pierre Sergent interviewed by Jean-Pierre Lambert for TOR alternative Television, December 3rd 2010, for an exhibition at the Artamazone gallery, Bevaix (Neuchâtel), Switzerland, December 3rd 2010 to january 23th, 2011.

About the Mayan Diary with David Barish
18 May 2002 | Duration : 11:30 | Taller Boricua | Harlem | New York | USA

Jean-Pierre Sergent in the East Village Life TV Show with David Barish.

David Barish came to visit the Mayan Diary exhibition at the Taller Boricua New York cultural center in East Harlem in 2002. You can see some people of the New York art scene of the 2000 : Keyth Duncan an artist, Marcos Dimas, the curator of the show, Miguel Baltierra menber of the board with his parents, Pierre Louaver a painter and friend's of Jean-Pierre, Gabriela Herrera etc... /

Interview in New York
15 April 2002 | Duration : 6:17 | Long Island City Studio | New York | USA

Jean-Pierre Sergent interviewed by a journalist friend in his New York, Long island City studio's about his Mayan Diary series art works, paintings on Plexiglas. This interview have been broadcasted on the New York TV Chanel 67 on April 15Th 2012 at 9.30 pm