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Jean-Pierre Sergent

1958 Born in Morteau, France. French and American artist.

1978-1981 Studies architecture in Strasbourg and later painting at L'école des Beaux-Arts de Besançon.

1983-1991 Works as visual artist while raising and training horses in the Jura Mountains. Completes monochrome abstractions on Masonite polyptych panels.

1991 Moves to Montreal to devote himself fully to painting. Creates works using Plexiglas, industrial materials, newspaper clippings and photos. Begins incorporating silkscreening techniques.

1993 Sets up studio in New York City. Paints street-found object Sculpture-Painting series, creates silkscreens on Plexiglas tile assemblages.

1998 Exhibits Suspended Time, a monumental site-specific mural plexiglas painting at the French Institute of New York.

2001-2003 Paints the Mayan Diary series, a modular mural installation of 42" x 42" silkscreened Plexiglas squares inspired by pre-Columbian Aztec and Mayan imagery. This body of work is still in progress and is exhibited at several New York galleries and cultural centers. Sergent uses computer technology to redesign gathered images and cut silkscreen film.

2004 Moves his studio to Besançon, France and divides his time between New York City and Besançon.

2007 Installs Mayan Diary 18 (18 paintings silkscreened on plexiglas, 10'4" X 20'8") for the set design of Traviata Giuseppe Verdi's Opera in the minimalist scenery by Didier Brunel.

2008 Installs Mayan Diary 24 (10'4" x 27"6" ) in the Salle des Iles Basses City of Ornans, France. Documentary film Insolation et autres puissances symboliques, realized by Jean-luc Gantner.

2011 Installs Mayan Diary 20 (7' x 35') at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Mulhouse, France

2012 Installs Nature, Cultures, The Worlds Origin's (10'4" X 20'8" ) at the Ferme Courbet, Flagey, France

Present Sergent is working fom his Besançon studio's on a new body of work entitled The Entropic Suites, silkscreen on Plexiglas. The images painted are mostly inspired from Japanese mangas sexual cartoons, Hindus Yantras meditations drawings and genetics patterns from archaic cultures. His work is exhibited extensively in Europe, as well as in Canada and the US.


2020 Voluptés, Nouvelle Laurentine, Aubepierre-sur-Aube, France
2019 Entropic Suites, The Four Pillars Of The Sky, Museum of Fine Art, Besançon, France
Eros Regenerating Life, Ailleurs Art Museum, Shenyang, China
2018 Shakti-Yoni: The Small Paper Works, Galerie Keller, Zurich, Switzerland
2016 This Is You, An Artist, Container Gallery & 50 Plus Contemporary Art Studio, Shanghai, China
Anima Mundi, Galerie Keller, Zurich, Switzerland
2015 Earth Is The Region Of The Fleeting Moment, Idecor Art Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland
Porns Graffitis & Sacred Paterns, Art & Context 101, Basel, Switzerland
2014 Suites Entropiques 8, MAG 2014, Montreux, Switzerland
Le désir, la matrice, la grotte et le lotus blanc, Caveau des Arts, Ornans, France
La Vulva Grotte, Cave of Plaisir-Fontaine, Bonnevaux le Prieuré, France
2013 Cultures-Energies - Works on Paper, Kunstpalais, Badenweiler, Germany
Sex & Rituals / Works on Paper, Galerie Omnibus, Besançon, France
2012 Nature, Cultures, l'origine des mondes, Ferme Courbet, Flagey, France
2011 Mayan DiaryMusée des Beaux-Arts, Mulhouse, France
Banque Vontobel, Geneva, Switzerland
MAG 2011, Montreux, Switzerland
2010 Art Amazone Gallery, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
MAG 2010, Montreux, Switzerland
Galerie Mon Loup, Besançon, France
Banque La Société Générale, Dijon, France
Artbygenève, Galerie Artscademia, Lutry, Switzerland
2009 MAG 2009, Montreux, Switzerland
Kursaal, Besançon, France
2008 Gribouillis, Dionysos & Rythmes CosmiquesGalerie Le Pavé dans la Mare, Besançon, France
Mayan Diary 6, Conseil Général du Doubs, Besançon, France
Mayan Diary 24, Salle des Iles Basses, Ornans, France
2007 L'Axe Bartholdi, Centre d'Art Mobile, Le cylindre, Besançon, France
Traviata staging, Opéra Théâtre de Besançon, France
2006 Works from New York, Mairie de Besançon, France
Banque La Société Générale, Besançon, France
2004 La Tables des Halles, Besançon, France
2002 Mayan Diary, Taller Boricua Gallery, New York, USA
1999 Amana, York Square Gallery, New Haven, CT, USA
Dionysos, Perpetual Orgy of Life, Gallery Juno, New York, USA
1998 Suspended Time, French Institute, New York, USA
1997 French Consulate, New York, USA
1993 Galerie Riverin-Arlogos, Eastman, Canada
1990 Galerie G, Besançon, France
1989 Galerie Yannef, Toronto, Canada
Galerie Transit, Strasbourg, France
Galerie Edition du Faisan, Strasbourg, France
1983 Galerie du Clos St-Amour, Besançon, France


2019 Biodiversity & Cultural Diversity, Wopart (Work on Paper Art Fair), Lugano, Switzerland
9th Biennale des arts plastiques, Besançon, France
2018 Shakti-Yoni, Wopart (Work on Paper Art Fair), Lugano, Switzerland
Charles de Bruyère invite...
, Charles de Bruyère Museum, Remiremont, France
On Paper Supreme, Ailleurs Gallery, Shenyang, China
L'inspiration de Louis PasteurChinese-French group exhibition, MJC Arbois, France
2017 Hirsh In Art, Galerie Keller, Zurich, Switzerland
Birds, Whales & Yantras,
8th Biennale des arts plastiques, Besançon, France
2016 Shenzhen Art Fair (With 50 Plus Contemporary Art Studio), Shenzhen, China
Corps Accords
, Pôle Culturel de Drusenheim, France
L'artiste est-il un chamane, Contemporary art Center L'aspirateur, Narbonne, France
Un lieu, des liens, Fondation du Grand-Cachot, La Chaux-du-Milieu, Switzerland
Ailleurs, Asir Museum, Tainan, Taiwan
2015 Bones & Flowers: The Metamorphosis Of Life, 7th Biennale des arts plastiques, Besançon, France
2104 Art 3F, Nice, Orlinda Lavergne Gallery, Colmar, France
2013 Links, E-artiste gallery, Ferme-Musée de Grand’Combe-Châteleu, France
6th Biennale des arts plastiques, Besançon, France
Genèse, Midnightsun Gallery, Morges, Switzerland
2011 Souffles I & II, Galerie Le Pavé dans la MareI.S.B.A. Besançon, France
5th Biennale des arts plastiques, Besançon, France
2010 Lineart Gand, Art Gallery 826, Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium
Galerie Esquisse, Nyon, Switzerland
2009 4th Biennale des Arts Plastiques, Besançon, France
2007 3rd Biennale des Arts Plastiques, Besançon, France
2006 Salon des Annonciades, Pontarlier, France
2005 Kunst 05 Zurich, Galerie Zéro, l'Infini, Zurich, Switzerland 
2nd Biennale des Arts Plastiques, Besançon, France
RapsidaGallery 138, New York, USA
Desire Submerged into the EarthGallery 138, New York, USA
2004 Scope Art Fair, Yukiko Kawase Gallery, London, England
Europe Day, Dahesh Museum of Art, New York, USA
Artincubator, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, USA
2003 The Divided WorldYork Square Gallery, New Haven, CT, USA
Art Happens, Time Square Lobby Gallery, New York, USA
La France d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, Fire Patrol #5, New York, USA
RaptureGallery 138, New York, USA
2002 Desire + The HurricaneGallery 138 at White Box, New York, USA
Independant Art Fair, T.A.B.A.K. Museum, Vienna, Austria
Independent Art Fair, Plaza Hotel, New York, USA
2001 A Cry For Peace, Fire Patrol #5, New York, USA
2000 Trophy-ism, Idefine Art, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Opera Gallery, New York, USA
Nomad Territories, D.F.N. Gallery, New York, USA
1998 Fin de Siècle, Swiss Embassy Paris, France
Profusion, Gallery Edition du Faisan, Strasbourg, France
1997 Sous le Signe de Zorro, Galerie Vivas, Paris, France
1996 Body, Trace, Memory, Eight Floor gallery, New York, USA
1995 Interpellation, Sorbonne University, Paris, France 
Conceptual Documents for Impossible Art, Eighth floor Gallery, New York, USA
Pier Show III, Brooklyn, New York, USA
68 J Art group Show, Brooklyn, New York, USA
1994 Burning Show, Patrice Landau Gallery, New York, USA
Pier Show II, Brooklyn, New York, USA
1992 L'Université de la Ruelle Propose, Montreal, Canada
1991 Gallery Moos, Toronto, Canada 
Exposition Ardoise, Galerie Edition du Faisan, Strasbourg, France
1988 Galerie Edition du Faisan, Strasbourg, France
1987 Galerie G, Besançon, France
2nd Biennal of Besançon, France
1986 Galerie Edition du Faisan, Strasbourg, France
1985 Galerie Mathieu, Besançon, France 
International Art Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland 
Galerie Jonas, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
1984 1st Biennal of Besançon, France
1983 Salon des Annonciades, Pontarlier, France
1982 Salon des Annonciades, Pontarlier, France


2018 ON ART AND AESTHETIC, February, UK & Australia, What Strikes Me Most Nowadays is the Disappearance of Rituals in our Developed Capitalist Countries..., Tulika Bahadur
2016 ARTSPECIALDAY, July, Italy, Opere d’arte in plexiglass: intervista a Jean-Pierre Sergent, Simona Manlio
2014 THE CULTURE TRIP, July, UK, Interview with French Artist Jean-Pierre Sergent: Art, Sex and Subconscious, Kayleigh Moreno
LES MAUVAISES FREQUENTATIONS, June, Jean-Pierre Sergent sur les terres de Gustave Courbet, Thierry Savatier
2013 LELITTERAIRE.COM, March, Entretien avec le peintre franco américain Jean-Pierre Sergent, Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret
THE EROTICARTLOVER, February, Denmark, Talking to artist…Jean-Pierre Sergent, Grith Grough
2012 THE ARTBOOKGUY, May, USA, Jean-Pierre Sergent in living color, Michael Corbin
Nature, Cultures, L'Origine des Mondes, exhibition catalogue, Courbet Flagey Farm's
2011 POLY, May-June, Civilisations, Dorothée Lachmann
NOVO # 13, March, Énergie Vitale, Adeline Pasteur
ART ABSOLUMENT # 40, Entretiens with Tom Laurent
MAYAN DIARY, exhibition catalogue, Mulhouse Museum of Fine Arts
2009 D'AILLEURS, # 1, revue de l'Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Besançon, dirigée par Laurent Devéze
2007 KEE MAGAZINE, Hong Kong, The Alchemy of Desire, Sooni Schroff-Gander
1998 NEW YORK NEWS, USA, Suspended Time, Céline Curiol
1996 FRENCH TELERAMA # 2438, Le Pari New York, Olivier Pascal-Moussellard


2017 DIGRESSIONS IN THE STUDIO, a 80 min film (8 parts) of interviews with Marie-Madeleine Varet 
2015 INTERVIEW WITH LIONEL GEORGES, a 10 min film (4 parts)
2014 INTERVIEWS WITH THIERRY SAVATIER, a 20 min film (4 parts)
2013 TRANSGRESSIONS ? a 42 min film of interview with Marie-Madeleine Varet
2012 THE PAINTER & THE ART HISTORIAN, a 40 min film of interview with Thierry Savatier
THE PAINTER & THE PHILOSOPHER, a 42 min film of interview with Laurent Devèze
2009 INTERVIEW, a 17 min film, realized by Jean-Luc Gantner
2008 INSOLATIONS ET AUTRES PUISSANCES SYMBOLIQUES, a 17 min film, realized by Jean-Luc Gantner


Conseil Général du Doubs, Mulhouse Museum of Fine Arts, City Hall of Besançon (France)

Fondation MAG, Montreux (Switzerland)


Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, etc.