Jean-Pierre Sergent


Entropic Suites 2011-present

The Entropic Suites

2011 to present

The new body of work "The Entropic Suites", silkscreen on Plexiglas, 55''x55", is the continuation of "Mayan Diary" series and was begun by Jean-Pierre Sergent in his Besançon studio during Summer 2011. The painting's images come mostly from Japanese mangas sexual cartoons, Hindus Yantras meditations drawings and genetics patterns from archaic cultures. 

Those paintings have been shown as large wall installations of variable sizes in several galleries and museums in France and Europe from 2012 to present.

This current work, have been largely inspired to the artist by his last reading of the Upanishads, the Hindu book, one of the oldest in the history of writing, and specially from this two quotations:

Desire, the womb, the Digit of Desire,
The Wielder of the Thunderbolt, the Cave,
Ha sa, the Wind, the Cloud, the King of Heaven,
Yet again the Cave, Sa ka la and maya
Such is the primeval Wisdom, embracing all,
Mother of the vast universe.
in Tripura Upanishad #8

I have seen thousands of wombs,
Eaten several kinds of food and sucked many breasts.
Born and dead again and again,
I am immersed in grief but see no remedy.
Thinking of my good and bad deeds,
I am suffering alone,
Although the bodies that enjoyed the fruits are gone.
In Garbha Upanishad #4