Jean-Pierre Sergent



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Interviews with Thierry Savatier | the Erotic Art of JPS (3 parts) | Besançon MBAA

The artist Jean-Pierre Sergent and Art Historian Thierry Savatier, world specialist of Gustave Courbet, are exchanging about some erotical works of art of the artist realized since his New York years (1993-2003) until nowadays, during his exhibition: "The 4 pillars of the sky". Filmed by Lionel Georges, Louise Prevel and Lea Bruckert in the Conference Room of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Besançon on September 19, 2020. Transcriptions by Karine Joyerot.

19 September 2020 | Duration : 17:30 | Besançon Fine Arts & Archeology Museum | France

In this first part, they evoke the development of the structure of the monumental works (around the square and the void) of wall paintings on Plexiglas, including the installation: "The 4 Pillars of the Sky" currently exhibited at the MBAA...

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19 September 2020 | Duration : 17:50 | Besançon Fine Arts & Archeology Museum | France

In this second part, the artist talks about the first series of New York works on Plexiglas and on paper with an essentially erotic content: Dionysus, perpetual orgy or the organs of life (1998), Duality (1999) and The dream of the imprisoned man - inspired by a Marquis de Sade text (1998-2002)...

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26 September 2020 | Duration : 9:38 | Besançon Fine Arts & Archeology Museum | France

In this last part, they discuss the current works: the Shakti*-Yoni, Ecstatic Cosmic Danses series (2016-2020) : *Shakti is in Hinduism the divine feminine energy, and the consort of Shiva. "She is the goddess to the absolute, of which all the feminine deities are only aspects", according to Alexandra David-Néel. And JPS concludes on with this sentence of the film Ichi, The Blind Samurai Woman by Fumihiko Sori: "All beings deprived of heat end up dying of cold"...

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