Jean-Pierre Sergent


Shakti-Yoni: Ecstatic Cosmic Dances | 2019 | Art Prints On White B.F.K. Rives Paper 250g

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Shakti*-Yoni*: Ecstatic Cosmic Dances | 2019 | Art Prints On White B.F.K. Rives Paper 250g

The série Shakti-Yoni: Ecstatic Cosmic Dances is a series begun in Autumn 2016 at the Besançon studio. It is printed mainly in unique prints and limited editions of 5, unframed size dimensions: 25,5 x 25,5 cm / 10''x10''.

- #1 - # 143: Unique prints, acrylic hand silk-screened and Indian ink on white B.F.K. Rives paper 250g
- #144 - #71: Unique prints and limited editions of five, acrylic hand silk-screened on white B.F.K. Rives paper 250g.

Shakti-Yoni: Ecstatic Cosmic Dances

"It is pleasure which is the substance of the world. It brings us closer to the divine state."
In Shiva and Dionysos, Alain Daniélou

These bodies of women ecstatically dancing, like the exctatict dancing Dervishes Turners, are both fixed points here, and infinite there. They drag us with them in whirling and cosmic dimensions, creating in a true sense vortices of energies towards the possibilities of other lives, other pleasures, other experiences. Most of the pictures come from erotic videos of Oily Micro Bikini Dancing, in which young female Japanese strippers, with oil lubricated bodies, dance while masturbating to the rhythm of obsessive techno music (alienating, mindless, binary and repetitive), squirming sexually, in a primitive, barbaric, archaic, Dionysian ritual. They present to us, ostentatiously and spasmodically, their breasts with erect nipples, their genitals and all their orifices (mouths, anuses, and vaginas). Their Yonis, moist, gushing, obscene, and wet, with gaping lips ... symbols of the female sex, which in the same way in India are adorned, fed, and coated with butter, flowers, and various offerings and always pierced by the lingam*, Herculean cock rising towards the sky…
Genitals open, offered, desiring… those female warriors are hoping for