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During summer 2009, Jean-Pierre Sergent realized with the international industrial group MANTION a limited edition of 3 glass doors using a new digital printing process.


in the fall 2008, Jean-Pierre Sergent realized a large piece, silkscreen on Plexiglass, "Gribouillis, Bondage et Géométrie Sacrée", 10' x 5', edition of 4 and severals unique works on paper at the Mignotgraphie factory. For an exhibition at the Galerie du Pavé dans la marre, Besançon, France. 




In 2002, Kendal Henry , a friend of mine, director of The MTA art program, came for a visit at my Long Island studio's. He deeply recomended me to submit a design proposal for the renovation of the Queens Plaza train station, my subway station at this time. Here is the proposal, unfortunately my project haven't been choosed, but Kendal wrote me a small note : "Jean-Pierre, Great proposal, I always like your work !"


It is a great honor to submit my design proposal to the Metropolitan Transit Authority. I strongly believe that my project will best suit this stations environment. First of all Queens Plaza is my subway stop as my studio is only 2 blocks away. I have known this station at every hour of day and night for more than 6 years. I know, all to well, its sordid and inhuman gloomy atmosphere, its stag-world. There are no tree, no culture, no air, no light, no beauty. The noise and pollution are infernal. The ceiling is so low that you are afraid it may fall on you at any time. My proposal will change all those negatives aspects into a more enjoyable life experience for the people who are commuting. I believe it will become an artistic landmark in the borough of Long Island City, Queens, and the city of New York. As an artist, I have been working with large painting installations for many years, and exhibited my work internationally.

My proposal is to bring nature and culture inside the station. I want to switch the energies around and move them with the help of shapes, colors, and cardinals directions. My site specific design is simple, with bold color energies.


Concept of the design: Each wall located at each cardinal direction has its own main background color; site #1 south is yellow, site#2 east is red, site #3 & 5 north are blue, site # 4 west is green. This is a common practice in every preindustrial culture to define the world in four directions in order to center the world, thus creating the Axis Mundi.

Site #1: The Singing Trees is from a picture I took in my home land France. One could feel the power of the tree to lift up the ceiling and to fill up the space.

Site #2: Mountain River is from the Doubs river from my home town Morteau. You can feel the subtle noise, and joy of dancing water and its perpetually moving colors.

Site #3: Bamboo Leafs is from a picture I took in Italy, The dynamic of the design is light, synergetic  and joyful.

Site #4: the 12 Columns is a wall composed of different vertical designs related to different cultures its purpose is to lift up the space as well as to give people a sense of identity, in a city where every one is losing their connection to earth and cultural roots. Each column, pole or totem is placed in the middle of the space between the iron beams, that are giving rhythm to this design on this wall. Those beams have to be painted in red fire color. 

#1 “English Gothic Columns”, England is where the mother language and  some Americans immigrated from.

#2 “Assyrian Flower”,  Mesopotamia where civilization was born.

#3 “human Tree” body tattoo, resembling a genetic chain.

#4 ”Greek Doric Columns”, Greece is the birthplace of western civilization, art and culture, also Long Island city host one of the largest Greek communities in the nation.

#5 “Prehistorical Lizard” a neolithic rock engraving from France. It may be a representation of a snake goddess, and it as the vitality of the primary energy of life.

#6 “Zen Chinese Calligraphy staff”, really simple design, connecting the earth to the sky.

#7, “Black Feet Indian Tepee Design”, in Homage to the first people of this land, highly powerful mysterious design.

#8 “Tree Surrounding My Home Town”, It looks ÿa like woman body, man is always projecting his own image onto nature.

#9 ”Aztec Design”, homage to all Latin American people who are living and working in the neighborhood.

#10 “Egyptian Lotus Column”, Egypt is a birthplace of religions and the Isis mysteries, it has influenced all Mediterranean countries.

#11 ”Dogon Y Post”, in homage to all the African American people who have been exiled from their home land. The Dogon have one of the most interesting and spiritual cosmogony.

#12 “Monkeys Climbing”, is from a rock picture site in Zimbawae. The monkeys, brother of man, seem climbing the tree of knowledge.

Site # 5: The Singing Swallows, is inspired by a drawing on a North American Indian shaman drums. The spirits of the swallows will give you strength and courage into your spiritual journey.

Fabrication: site wall # 1,  2, 3 will be silkscreen on ceramic panels, site wall #4, 5 will be ceramic mosaics.

Jean-Pierre Sergent, Long Island City, NY, February 2002




I have meet in New York a couple of designers who asked me for textiles designs proposals with Navajo motifs, here they are.