Jean-Pierre Sergent


2022 Karma-Kali, Sexual Dreams & Paradoxes | BFK paper

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Karma-Kali, Sexual Dreams & Paradoxes | BFK paper | Summer & Fall 2022

New series of 87 Karma-Kali, Sexual Dreams & Paradoxes, acrylic hand silk-screened and Indian ink on Rives B.F.K. white 250g paper, unique prints, 76 x 56 cm, 2022


"What light outside life? Is He in or out of this mass of images? [...]
Transcendence demands - your fear of being shredded. "***

The Art must taste like jizz and sulfur or both at the same time! Otherwise, it is only fragmentary and demonstrative representation of emotional and sentimental memories of times gone by and lost forever. 
The Art is the present. In the same way as our erotic dreams which reintegrate us, sometimes well in spite of us, in the incommensurable encompassing matrix of the Living. In the great mechanism: sex-life-birth-death: construction versus destruction. The very function and role, precise and exact, of the Indian goddess Kali the Black, fierce and regenerating. Wearing naked, red tongue stretched out of her mouth and eyes exorbitant, a necklace of skulls of the dead while sexually enjoying on the body of Shiva with her Yoni wide open, to destroy and resurrect it. A bit like the Mexican mother goddess Coatlicue or Isis and Osiris... As well as in every human sexual act: creation then destruction of the ego to give birth to pleasure, enjoyment, annihilation.
Obviously, sex and its representations disturb because they make us perceive the great emptiness, the great organic chaos of the comic mechanisms of which the human dreams, during its nights, during these dreams of ejaculatory fusions in and with the other, of which the opposite and complementary sex is awaited and hoped for: to be reborn or to make reborn.
"Thousands of times before - I have lived in a mother's womb - I have enjoyed a great variety of foods - And I was suckled at so many mother's breasts - I was born, and died again - And continually, I was reborn once more."****  
The sperm*****, being then, not like an ejaculatory defilement but like an archaic leaven: reincarnations, transmigrations and immemorial transmissions in the supernumerary myriads of Yonis, welcoming and complicit vulvas.

Somewhere it is necessary, as for the strong, brutal and incompressible energies of Karma and Kali; to use in my work, this creative state of conjunctions, of accumulations of bodily, energetic, foutatory forces. To thus upset my mortal state, as well as the ambient state of a capitalist, materialistic society in full decline, in full dishonour and which forces and submits each one of us, each living being, in a somber individualism, isolating and destructive.

An image is of course, intrinsically, only a representation. But it can sometimes be the powerful revelation of an organic nature more violent, truer and wilder than the represented subject... And the accumulation of pornographic images, informal and jouissif Eros, mixed and interpenetrating with repetitive patterns, geometrical, structured, chanted like mantras; creates or recreates our vital paradox, our incantatory lifeline. 

We live and evolve de facto, within well-structured frameworks by religious or atheistic thought(s), economic, aesthetic and moral constraints... In these times of terrible revolution for Iranian and Afghan women, let's think strongly of them, amicably and confraternally: "Woman, life, freedom!" For it is necessary that the Body or Bodies, imperatively interact today, within these structures and these dictates of submission, to reform them and hopefully soften them... In order to open a new way, towards a deeper freedom, more in fusional, spiritual and animistic harmony with all the Forces, all the Truths of the Living and Nature.
And then, it is also a whole; a totality: Stones... Stags and Human Souls... travelling in the infinite. SILENTIUM EST******.

Jean-Pierre Sergent, Besançon, November 17, 2022

* KARMA is action in all its forms, then in a more religious sense the ritual action. It is also a notion that commonly designates the cycle of causes and consequences linked to the existence of sentient beings. It is then the sum of what an individual has done, is doing or will do. 
** KALI The "Black" is, in Hinduism, the goddess of preservation, transformation and destruction. He who worships her is freed from the fear of destruction. She destroys evil in all its forms and especially the branches of ignorance such as jealousy or passion. 
*** Indian journals, Allen Ginsberg
**** Garbha #4, 108 Upanishads, Martine Buttex
***** "Semen puts the Hindu in a state of mystical jubilation. He sees his goddesses covered with it." A Barbarian in Asia, Henri Michaux
****** Silentium est: "It is silent.", sentence from a medieval manuscript