Jean-Pierre Sergent


Mayan Diary 2007-2010

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Mayan Diary 2007-2010

In 2007 Jean-Pierre Sergent continued to work on his large paintings on Plexiglas series "Mayan Diary", in his new studio in Besançon, France and finished it in 2010. This series of a total of 170 paintings have been largely inspired to the artist by his numerous trips to Mexico and Guatemala countries. His technic is utilizing a palimpsest silkscreen art technique, appropriating, accumulating and layering images. The one of a kind paintings are 55''x55" of size framed, acrylic paint hand silkscreened on Plexiglas panels.
Sergent engages himself in themes of eroticism, shamanism, and the cosmology of the afterlife and chaos.

"Mayan Diary" have been exhibited as large wall installations of variable dimensions into galleries, art centers and museums in Europe and the US: In 2012, Mayan Diary, at the Musée des beaux-arts, Mulhouse, France, in 2012, Nature, Cultures, The Worlds Origin's, at the Ferme de Flagey, Musée Courbet, France etc..