Jean-Pierre Sergent


Dragon Lady

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Dragon Lady

Spring, 2002, NY

"Dragon Lady" prints have been realized in New York in 2002. It is printed mainly in monotype and 4 editions of 7 prints, acrylic silkscreened on B.F.K. Rives paper 10"x10". It have been shown at "Taller Boricua Art Center", New York, in Spring 2002.

This serial work is about spiritual light. It is printed with one image layered with one or two monochrome colors.
The Mayan image is of the voluptuous Dragon Lady. She seduced one of the principal deities of Xibalbà, the Maya land of the dead, whose power and reputation are comparable to Hades of the Greeks, or Pluto of the Romans.
I had encountered those female energies during one of my shamanic journey's. The four small prints edition are homage to their beauty and their wonderful attractive and healing spirits. The light which emanates from them symbolizes the light they were bathing in as they came to me. On my right shoulder was the Yellow Lady, on my right leg the Red Lady, on my left leg the Black Lady, and on my left shoulder the Blue Lady.

This body of art works have been completed at the Long Island City (queens, NY) artist's studio, were Jean-Pierre lived between 1995 and 2003.