Jean-Pierre Sergent


Beauty Is Energy

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Silkscreen on B.F.K. white, cream or gray Rives paper, 22"x30". 

"With beauty may I walk", "The Night Navajo Chant"

Before money, by inscribing time in history, violently dispossessed us of our happiness, beauty was related to interior time, like an organ, an aura, a cosmic harmony.

Our freedom rests in finding our way back to this cosmic time, the time of yellow and black bees, red ants, ladybugs that spoke to the spirits, golden beetles that are God's messengers, birds of paradise and flowers of exuberant sensuality.

Man had understood this empirically during thousands and thousands of years, because Nature had made Herself beautiful and desirable in order to survive and Man imitated Her.

Beauty is the breath of life, as essential as desire, the only hope of survival in a chaotic and dangerous world. More than an esthetic notion, it is a spiritual value, a tangible way to communicate with the reigning spirits of the visible and invisible world. In this way, every tree leaf is a love song that we must once more learn to listen to.

Text translated by Anita Anand