Jean-Pierre Sergent


Lady of the Ants

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Lady of the Ants

2003, New York

"Lady of the Ants" are my last prints realized in September 2003 at my Long Island City, New York studio. It is printed mainly in monotype and 5 editions of 15 prints, acrylic silkscreened on B.F.K. Rives paper 10"x10". It have been shown at Gallery 138, New York, in February 2005, and also available at my new studio in Besançon, France.

This serial work is a repetition of a mirrored image of one Mayan deity mixing with life, sex, spirits and death symbols. The subtle color variations bring the viewer mind in a state of contemplation and conscious cosmic connection.

The essential in this edition are color and light. Images and symbols are carriers of dreams and actors of the sacred. I experienced throughout shamanic trances a place were oneself can meet with the spirits. Those prints are memories of rare, magical, light-full and mystical encounters. They are anti-violence against mankind humongous stupidity.

This body of art works have been completed at the Long Island City (queens, NY) artist's studio, were Jean-Pierre lived between 1995 and 2003.