Jean-Pierre Sergent


Works on paper III: Bones & Flowers: The Metamorphosis of Life #2

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Jean-Pierre Sergent work in progress at studio for his new series of prints on BFK Rives paper: Bones & Flowers: The Metamorphosis of Life, Summer 2016

Album showing the different steps of the artsit silkscreening process in order to realize the serie of monoprints on B.F.K. Rives paper, 70 x 56 cm.

Photos (#30-94) taken by Christine Chatelet at the Besançon studio on July 27th & (#230-475) on September 16th 2016.


• First, I import an image on my computer. Sometimes I also draw directly on the film mask.
• Second, I redraw the image. Using design programs like Photoshop and later with Illustrator, to convert the design to vectors.
• Third, I send the information to the machine plotter in order to cut a Rubylith film with a blade. Two films are sandwiched together, the bottom layer is clear and is not cut, the top layer is red and cut by the blade.
• Fourth, I peel off the part of the film I don’t want to print so that my design remains on the film. If the design is simple it can take a few minutes and if it is complicated, it can take up to a day or more of work!
• Fifth, I clean the old silkscreen frames with a high-pressure water cleaner.
• Sixth, I coat the frames with two coats of photographic glue emulsion and let it dry.
• Seventh, I use Scotch tape to stick the ruby stencil that blocks light onto the back of the frame, and I expose it in a light box for five minutes.  The glue dries where the surface is not protected by the film mask. After that, I clean the frame with running water to remove the parts that haven’t been exposed to light.
• Eight, finally I place my frame on the printing table and apply the ink with a squeegee onto paper.

The print's images come mostly from Japanese erotics bondages & mangas sexual cartoons, mixed with Hindus Yantras meditations drawings, patterns from archaic cultures and flowers etc...