Jean-Pierre Sergent


Water, Rocks, Trees & Skies, photos from canoe trips over the Doubs River

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"The Man who is dreaming is a god, the one who is thinking is just a beggar."

"Nature was giving honey, violets, the most beautiful olives and myrtle.
And Nature was the priestess, man was is god, and all Life within it, each of its shape, each of its  devotee variations constructed only on homage to the glory of its Lord."
In Hypérion, Hölderlin

"And behold the heavenly flowers falling from the sky as rain while the earth trembles!" Siueh-teou

"I'm contemplating the secret of creation. When my curiosity is satisfied, I will ride the immense bird to escape from the universe and wander freely in the land of nothingness and infinity. How can I be interested in the government of men?" Tchouang-tseu