Jean-Pierre Sergent


Women In Painting Photos

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THE W.I.P. PHOTOS (Women In Painting)

This project is not really an art project, but more like a friends and family album, showing images-memories of photos taken in front of my paintings during some art exhibitions when I am meeting new friends with great pleasure! I am thanking for their time, all the friends who accepted to have their photos being taken!

Some of the photos are a bit blurred, but what is more important to me is is the floating moment and solar energies occurring during the encounter between their body and the body of the painting.

I do have the feeling that people are getting more beautiful in front of Art, as they let go of there stress and morality, becoming again like children, who are curious and enjoy discovering the word of their unconscious…!

If art has a role of healing and bringing joy into the world, it could be seeing there, at this particular moment of energy exchange of this Art-Body encounter…!