Jean-Pierre Sergent


Artist's Studios in Montreal 1991-1993 & in New York 1993-2003


- 3, 6, 7 -
Photos by Alain Pratt, 1992

- 12 > 15 - Photos par François Portmann, Atelier de Chelsea, New-York City, 1996

- 23 > 27 - Photos par Sachie Kumano, atelier de Long Island City, New York, juillet 2003

Jean-Pierre Sergent lived and worked in different studios locations during his long artistic international journey. Places like his former farm's in France in the Jura Mountains, 1984-1991, his studio in Montreal, Canada, 1991-1993, his tree successive studios in New York, U.S.A.: in DUMBO, Brooklyn, in Chelsea and Long island City, Queens. In 2005 he moved to France and open a new art studio in besançon France, were he is actually living and working.

Portraits of an artist at work by Sachie Kumano, July, 2003

On a Saturday afternoon in April, 2003 my friend Sachie Kumano visited my studio to take portraits of me. Initially I thought it would be a typical photo session. However after she took a few pictures, she asked me if I could begin printing!

I have been painting for more that twenty years and I never allowed anyone to be present while I was working. I always felt that painting is like a secret ritual, where something magical happens as there is always a portal connection to the world, the universe, the unconscious, memories and to the ones we love. I never feel alone when I am working: there is always a spiritual presence in the studio.

So I was a little bit afraid of letting the energy of my process emerge in photographs, yet at the same time afraid that it will not be perceived. Fortunately, I believe the resulting pictures Sachie took that day, with great respect, are true to what is happening when I am painting. I am grateful for the magnificent work she has done.

Through taking photographs I have realized how beautiful the smallest everyday details and all of the living moments are. Photography has made me thankful for the world and my life. I would like to capture the sparkling moments of people integrated in their environments and things we feel invisibly.

Watching Jean Pierre engrossed in his work was inspirational. I hope he knows he is not only creating his art but also he himself is art to me. All of us are art.

Sachie Kumano, Photographer